Sauer S100 Grimbergh Night

Quality made in Germany, precision made by Sauer: Equipped with a handy and robust polymer stock, the S 100 Grimbergh Night offers an unparalleled price-performance ratio.

Sauer S100 Grimbergh Night
  • An adjustable cheek piece that rises backwards for an optimal firing position and a strong reduction of the noticeable recoil
  • Cone-shaped, light-metal bolt-action knob
  • Smooth bolt-action system in legendary Sauer quality
  • Cold hammered original Sauer barrel for maximum firing performance
  • Thread M15x1 in front of the barrel
  • Infinitely adjustable trigger pressure from 1000 - 2000gr
  • Removable composite magazine for 5 standard or 4 magnum
  • Robust polymer stock