Sauer S404 Grimbergh Night

The uncompromising all-rounder for all conditions and every hunting situation. Modular, ergonomic, precise and functional like any other S 404, the Grimbergh Night convinces with its absolutely robust and comfortable polymer stock.

Sauer S404 Grimbergh Night
  • An adjustable cheek piece that rises backwards for an optimal firing position and a strong reduction of the noticeable recoil
  • Ergonomically perfect manual cocking system
  • Smooth bolt-action system in legendary Sauer quality
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy self-supporting bolt housing. The stock has no supporting function, so a bedding is not necessary. This is how ultimate precision is created
  • Cold hammered, high quality original Sauer barrel. Plasma nitrided for maximum protection against rust and scratches
  • Thread M15x1 in front of the barrel
  • Trigger weight adjustable in 4 steps: 550/750/1000 / 1250gr. Positionally trigger
  • 5-schots magazijn voor een perfecte aanvoer van patronen
  • Slingswivel, removable at the touch of a button