Grimbergh Rifles


For 268 years, Germany's oldest hunting weapon manufacturer, J.P. SAUER & SOHN, gun hunters with uncompromising quality, utmost precision and timeless beauty. This winning formula has inspired no fewer than eight generations of hunters and hunters, making Sauer one of the world's leading manufacturers of shotguns. Our unique heritage is no accident, it is built on the honest work of responsible people, proud & committed to our history, striving for continuous innovation and preserving the best features of our products.

The rifles from the Grimbergh Edition are specially designed for the Dutch hunter. The pistol grip cap of this series of shotguns shows a mill, as a symbol for the Netherlands. In addition, the name "Grimbergh" is a reference to the Grimberg-havezathe in Notter, which has been in the vicinity of Sauer importer HTS | Hofman Top Sport has stood.
The mill also has roots in the region: the image is derived from the hulling mill "De Pelmolen" in Rijssen.

Sauer S404 Grimbergh
Sauer S404 Grimbergh
Sauer S404 Grimbergh Night
Sauer S101 Grimbergh Night
Sauer S100 Grimbergh Night